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We are a reputed enterprise that is specialized in the trade and supply of a variety of industrial tools to our customers. Our products are mainly designed by focusing on the needs and demands of the industries. Furthermore, our products have the kind of features like excellent finish, high tensile strength, durability, dimensional accuracy and anti-corrosive properties. The unmatched cutting abilities of our products make them widely demanded across engineering and construction industries.

1X" grade HSS TOOL BITS or 0% Cobalt (SAE M2)

Hardness : 62-64 HRc
Manufactured from M-2 quality high speed steel, this cutting tool grade is commonly known as "without or 0% cobalt grade".
Recommended for use on non-ferrous metals or mild steel or free cutting material.

2X" grade HSS TOOL BITS or 5% Cobalt (SAE M35)

Hardness : 63-65 HRc
This cutting tool grade is characterised by good toughness and red hardness.
Recommended for heavy metal cutting work on difficult materials and an ideal general purpose HSS tool bit for machine shops where high production rates are required.

HSS TOOL BITS or 8% Cobalt (SAE M42)

Hardness : 66-68 HRc
Manufactured from M-42 quality High Speed Steel containing 8% Cobalt
Recomended for cutting High Alloy Steel in annealed condition
Better tool life than M2 & M35 grade of HSS Cutting Tools or Tool bits

3X" HSS TOOL BITS or 10% Cobalt (SAE T42)

Hardness : 65-67 HRc
These types of HSS Cutting Tools or Tool Bits are recommended for cutting high alloy steels and stainless steels in annealed condition.
This quality of tool bits retains its hardness even at very high temperatures and is recommended where the generation of heat is very high and the tool should not get blunt at high temperatures.
Better tool life than M2, M35 & M42 grade of HSS Cutting Tools or Tool bits.

EC-500" HSS TOOL BITS or 10% Cobalt (SAE T42 - Cryogenically Treated)

Hardness : 66-67 HRc
HSS Tool bits can be provided by doing cryogenic treatment, which is process of cooling down HSS tool bits or cutting tools at a pre-determined rate in liquid nitrogen at -200 degree Celsius, resulting in a thermally stabilized material with a coherent & improved microstructure that exhibits outstanding wear resistance
Tool bits / cutting tools manufactured by this grade are recommended for cutting materials like EN-8D, SS 202, SS 310, SS 316 and other difficult to machine stainless steel grades.